We have been dealing with business communication for over 20 years now. At first, our work focused on the advertising market and broadly understood printing services. However, currently we reach out to all the companies that we help grow. Our main goal is building and supporting strong commercial relations, both in Poland and abroad.


For over 18 years now, we have been inviting guests to our own industry events. Thanks to that, each year we saw significant growths in the number of guests from all around the world. Everyday we make hundreds of phone calls, which truly influence the functioning of our company. In total, we have contacted over a million companies. That is why we decided to share our knowledge and experience with every company that doesn’t have the time for promotional work, we will handle everything.


-18 years of experience gained by contacting over a million companies

-we will efficiently reach the chosen market, industry, region

-we adapt to your offer, needs and budget

-we give you a chance to acquire new clients

-we have an up-to-date database, updated daily

-we fully optimize the costs and care about saving time

-every day we deliver detailed reports of the phone calls

-we confirm our credibility by giving you access to recordings and billings, we also give you the possibility of conducting an audit


Our company’s goal is to search for and deliver new and credible business tools that provide real support for the development of companies on the European market.


Our vision is to be a crucial partner for companies by providing information using proven business tools, which are a real help for companies in the European market.


"I am pleased to recommend GJC International Sp. z o.o. on the basis of our successful cooperation in the field of telemarketing campaigns. Thanks to their commitment, flexibility and professional approach to our needs, the cooperation went smoothly. They showed an understanding of our needs right from the start, which translated into a successful implementation of the order. The team is very committed, provides valuable advice and regularly reviews the progress of the campaign, which greatly assists our day-to-day work. I have every confidence that we will use GJC's services again in the future."

Jakub Polczyński


"We are sincerely impressed by the work of the team at GJC International Ltd! Thanks to their incredible commitment, flexibility and professional approach to our needs, our collaboration has been a real success. Not only do they always carry out the commissioned tasks, but they are fully involved, giving us valuable advice, keeping us up to date with progress and keeping us informed of everything that is happening. Every year we come back to them with new projects, which best shows how much we trust them. We heartily recommend the GJC!"

Marcin Chojnowski

plenipotentiary of the management board of Ptak Warsaw Expo

Out of absolute conviction we present the following description of our cooperation with GJC International Sp. z o.o. sp. k. First of all we would like to mention a trust, which is the basis of business relationships. With no doubt we recommend GJC International Sp. z o.o. sp. k. as a reliable company. They have never let us down during our several-years cooperation. Representatives of GJC International Sp. z o.o. sp. k. efficiently and competently respond to all our inquiries, so that we are always pleased with the response. We use most products offered by GJC, each of which is created specifically for the advertising industry. It goes without saying that GJC International Sp. z o.o. sp. k. operates smoothly in all sectors of the advertising industry and perfectly meets our expectations. Another important factor in our collaboration with GJC is undoubtedly the employees themselves. They finely deal with conducting business talks, asking questions and collecting feedback and ideas about their own products, which are then implemented. GJC International Sp. z o.o. sp. k. is a guarantee of the highest order, professionalism and the key to a successful business cooperation. We highly recommend GJC to those who are looking for business tools in the advertising industry."

Paweł Rydzewski

Macma Polska Sp. z o.o.

"On behalf of Anda Poland would like to express a favourable opinion on the collaboration with GJC International Sp. z o.o. sp. k. represented by Mrs Iwona Skrzypczak. So far, our cooperation have always been conducted in a faultless and very professional way. I am convinced that next years of collaboration will equally fruitful for both parties."

Anda Present Sp. z o.o.